Oh, Canada!

Attention Maple Lovers

The Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC) is set to embark on a serious promotional mission in the UK, improving its efforts three-fold. It appears they see a gap in their own market for people in the UK who are missing out on its various national delights. By making partnerships across the pond the CTC are confident that they can make a great improvement upon figures from 2009 which saw tourism from the UK fall by 17%.

Canada has many attractive destinations especially for those who love skiing excursions, but the beautiful woodlands and natural scenery makes the nation great for exploring the great outdoors. The CTC hope to capitalise on that appeal with a tripled promotional spend in the UK. The figures break down to 62% on advertising, 27% on trade development, whilst 11% goes on public relations.

The whole extra spend isn’t with the aim of exceeding tourism numbers, though that would be welcomed, instead they are looking to achieve healthy numbers of tourism from the UK that it had been enjoying in the past.

Rupert Peters is the man tasked with improving tourism interest and certainly has a busy year ahead of him. The aim of have a prosperous 2011 is a big one, one which will be difficult to achieve, though not impossible.

With the winter season upon us it seems that Canada may enjoy much of this year’s tourism in the coming months, but it could be a very good base to start their new campaign upon.

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