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Malta On a Mission to Showcase Itself

As a tourist destination I think it’s safe to safe that the majority of holidaymakers heading into the Mediterranean this year won’t be going to Malta, and probably many of the younger generation don’t even know where it is! That said, UK citizens are the most frequent of travellers to the Island country with 450,000, which works out as 35% of Malta’s tourists. However, this isn’t enough and the countries tourists’ minister, Mario de Marco, is hell bent on improving the appeal and attraction to Malta.

Abta holds and annual forum called The Travel Convention which allows country’s to wow and impress, and this year its Malta’s turn and they don’t want to pass up the opportunity. The aim is to make Malta appealing to all areas and ages of tourism so that it doesn’t alienate itself. Mario de Marco explained that currently only 10% of the Malta’s tourists are aged over 60 and this is one area which they aim to address and improve. The tourism minister has also stressed that more attention needs to be put into the online market, suggesting the more money spent in that area the more people will travel. He still maintains that travel agents are where the main source of tourism is gained, but the more reliance on computers we have each day suggest everybody will be booking their holidays at some point in the future.

As Malta tries to showcase itself as an ‘all-rounder’ holiday destination it has recently been said that the government are preparing to improve their very own sister island into an eco friendly utopia, which will attract a whole different kind of tourist.

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