Passengers Travel Light for Cheap Flights

An increasing number of airline passengers are managing to save money by travelling with only hand luggage, according to a new report from The Co-operative Travel.

The study looked into over 68,000 flight bookings and found that the number of people flying with only hand baggage has risen by 233 per cent in 2011. Thrifty travellers are looking to save money on baggage charges imposed by budget airlines such as easyJet and Ryanair, managing with the 10kg of cabin luggage normally allowed and making Costa del Sol holidays and other destinations serviced by the budget carriers even cheaper.

The Co-operative Travel said that a family of four could expect to save an average of £233.12 on return flights if they managed without checking in any hold luggage. If you need new luggage you can get a 4 pieces with a suitcase that is airline friendly. When it came to Ryanair’s peak-time flights, a family of four could save as much as £440 for return flights. Overall, 26 per cent of passengers are making savings by cutting their usual luggage weight usage, bringing cheap holidays to Magaluf and other popular resorts within reach of even the most budget-conscious travellers.

The report estimated that more than 16,000 families of four flying with budget carriers in 2011 will squeeze their belongings into one suitcase and the family’s cabin luggage. In doing so, they will save an average of £149, while the 51,000 couples travelling with just one suitcase checked into hold luggage will save around £49. That should get you to reconsider if you pack it in your carry on or not! It seems minimalism is reaching out in this modern era.

“Budget airlines have been around for quite some time now and people are getting smarter and minimising the cost of their flights,” commented Trevor Davis, The Co-operative Travel’s director of retail distribution. “While not everyone will want to go to the extremes of holidaying with just carry-on baggage, it does allow people to decide exactly what they’re prepared to pay for,” he added.



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