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Ryanair Plan to Charge Passengers to Use Toilets

Ryanair are set to join the growing culture of raising prices, but in a somewhat more obscure way. Passengers of the Irish airline will now be expected to pay to use the toilets whilst on their flights and the cost is expected to be around £1.07 and 93p. It is interesting to see how passengers will take to these new charges and if they will be able to hold it in.

Currently Ryanair has extra costs which frustrate many passengers such as separate fees on check in baggage and snacks, but baggage is expected to be charged at £20 per bag. Too many charges will only deter passengers from flying many would expect but the company firmly believe that it isn’t the case.

The money spent on trips to the toilet is expected to go towards reducing the number of toilets on a aircraft, Ryanair spokesman Stephen McNamara explained that “By charging for the toilets we are hoping to change passenger behaviour so that they use the toilets before and after the flight, that will enable us to remove two out of three toilets and make way for six extra seats on flights.”

The charges left, right and centre haven’t gone unnoticed as Rochelle Turner, who is the Head of Research for British consumer magazine Which? Holiday, wrote that “Flying with Ryanair is not as cheap as it first appears and we would advise passengers to factor in these extra costs when choosing who to fly with this summer.”

The phrase ‘any news is good news’ won’t be on the tip of the tongues of Ryanair bosses at this moment in time but is interesting to see if they manage to make a profit from extra seating, or lose customer as a result of new costs.

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