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New Visa Charge Set for September
A new fee is being introduced for visitors wanting to visit the USA; the charge is being added to the compulsory online pre-approval scheme that has replaced the traditional visa waiver forms. Any prospective visitors must pay a £9 fee from September 8th which will then go on to find tourism in the USA. The charge will apply to all nationals of the 36 countries that have visa waiver status, allowing them to enter the US without being granted a full travel visa. Approval via this system is valid for two years and can then be used for repeat visits to the country, with around four million British tourists booking trips to the US each year it is set to bring in a large amount of revenue for the country’s tourism.
The online system was introduced in 2008 and is not a compulsory requirement for all tourists who must input their approval reference number 72 hours prior to air port check in. There are already several fees that air travellers to the USA must face before being allowed access to the country, this includes a £1.70 customs user fee and a £2 animal and plant health inspection fee. This added charge will be split between marketing campaigns in the US to encourage more visitors to experience what the country has to offer. At present there are no equivalent charges for US visitors to enter the UK.
An online survey has found that his new visa charge will put off visitors booking trips to the US when it is implemented however money saving experts are advising travellers to take advantage of the time remaining to fill in the form before the charge sets in.

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