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In their new travel guide, Lonely Planet has created the ultimate list of places to enjoy a cup of tea. The ‘1000 Ultimate Experiences’ book takes a look at the exotic and unusual locations where any tea-lover should indulge in their favourite drink.
First on the list is the six day train journey from Moscow to Beijing, where travellers gather round large hot water urns known as samovars to indulge in a cup whilst swapping travel stories. The tea houses of Uji in Japan are also featured on the list as one of the most luxurious places to enjoy a cup of tea. The tea houses are famed for the ritual nature of the tea serving process, the guide states that ‘The ritual – involving beautiful utensils, delicate pouring and effusive appreciation on your part – is the only thing more important than the drink itself’.
The rare silver-needle tea that is found on Junshan Island in central China provides another fantastic tea drinking experience, along with the famous Indian town of Darjeeling.
Another recommended location is the deserts of North Africa. Drinking tea with the nomads is a fantastic experience which requires both patience and dedication! Each sitting comprises of three rounds of tea, each cup providing a sweeter taste.
The list is rounded off with the Ritz hotel in London; afternoon tea in the hotel is extremely popular with tourists from around the world that want to experience a very British tradition!
The full list is found in the ‘1000 Ultimate Experiences’ guide, the ideal companion for anyone wanting to embark on an unusual travel mission!

Author: Henry Dicharles
Date: 14/12/2009

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