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The Musee National Picasso in Paris has released some of its masterpieces created by the world famous artist Pablo Picasso. The artwork has been touring the world in recently and is set to make its next stop in the US. If you find yourself in either Seattle, Virginia or San Francisco whether it’s on business, a holiday, or whatever reason, during the early months of next year you will have a chance to see Picasso’s various paintings and sculptures.

This travelling road show of world class art has been made possible because the Musee National Picasso is undergoing renovations. The artwork has been elsewhere in the world recently stopping off at Moscow and St Petersburg in Russia, as well as Helsinki in Finland. In both countries large crowds were attracted to visit the exhibition making it a huge success.

For those in the likes of Seattle, Virginia or San Francisco who weren’t aware of the exhibitions this could be an added bonus to your journey. Works that will be on show include the ‘Weeping Woman’ series, ‘Portrait of Olga in an Armchair’, ‘Jacqueline With Crossed Hands’ and many more.

With only three US stops it means there is a short time frame in which to catch the magnificent works of art, although the length of its stay spans close to three months. There is no word as of yet if the Picasso Masterpieces will return to other European destinations ahead of the completed renovation of the Musee National Picasso, which is set for 2012. The renovation itself is set to cost around £18 million which will make it a huge attraction when it reopens.

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