Pilots Wanted

Can Anyone Fly This Plane?

The rising demand of flights and holidays in general requires enough personnel to man each and every journey and make sure things are ticking along just fine. Leading aircraft manufacturer Boeing recently announced that it sees a shortfall of pilots and maintenance workers within the coming 20 years because demands will be so high. Asia is expected to warrant the most demand for jobs as Boeing believes that part of the world will account for 40% of work increase.

The fact that flights are becoming more affordable and that the world seems to be coming out of the economic decline means that demand will of course steadily increase. Boeing believes this increase will get a head of steam and continue to grow long into the future. Not only are jobs expected to be on the up, but aircrafts fleets are also expected to expand. Boeing forecast a world demand of half a million pilots and half a million maintenance workers over the next two decades, as well as the world’s commercial fleet to have doubled over the same period.

Plans are afoot to help train the future of tomorrow by making piloting and aviation engineering much more attractive to younger generations. The aim is to make sure that the future demand for work in the airline industry is met so that it will prosper. I think if people knew that there is virtually a guaranteed job at the end of the tunnel that they will definitely entertain the idea of flying all across the world as a job.

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