Planes Are Back in Action

You Can Once Again Choose from Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Tuesday evening saw many European flights take off for the first time in just under a week, and why that may not seem like too much time it has caused havoc to the whole continent. Today it’s to normal service resumed and while many flights will still be backlogged it is expected that by the end of the week the status quo will be back for flyers. Airlines, however, will be picking themselves up after a financial battering as a result of the volcanic ash clouds produced by eruptions in Reykjavik, Iceland.

While some airports have begun business once more is wasn’t until today that some of Europe’s biggest airports were re-opened, including London airports. Flights leaving airports both were greeted with cheers and applause from within planes and in the terminals as they took off. With a total of 95,000 flights cancelled last week the joy was a sign of relief expressed by passengers that have been trapped on foreign soils.

Despite flights recommencing there are still alternative methods been used to rescue stranded British nationals. A £500 million cruise ship has embarked on a journey to Spain and this act of good will is by Celebrity Cruises who is acting on behalf of some of the country’s largest tourist operators who have customers trapped along the shores of the Mediterranean country. With the ability to carry 2,850 passengers those picked up will enjoy a glorious journey home in luxurious surroundings.

While airlines made a significant loss over the last week other areas of travel such as train and cruise ships have enjoyed a bit of a boom as the only alternatives of travel, which as a result kept tourism flowing nicely coming up to the summer season.

The biggest message today is of course that flights have begun to resume so if you have a holiday coming up you can rest a little easy knowing that even if your flights isn’t on time the delay will probably only be a matter of hours.

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