Porto Is Portugal’s History

Enjoy the Historic Soul of Portugal

Portugal’s second biggest city prides itself on being the countries window into true Portuguese culture and historically enlightening to tourists. Porto is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and in 2001 was listed as the European Capital of Culture. While things move forward and the city undergoes a bit of modernisation here and there, there is the strong belief that the charm and historic elements which define Porto’s character and appeal.

Often people remark on the buildings and architecture that have stood the test of time such as the various churches and medieval streets which will fill you with a sense of exploration and adventure as you make your way through Porto. The city is packed to the brim with various historic attractions which make it such a popular tourist destination compared to the likes of Portugal’s Algarve region.

Spend a minimal 10 Euros on a train ticket and be transported to the other end of Porto, and then why not consider walking back to experience various hidden gems waiting to be uncovered by the next first time traveller. Better still hop on one of the ferry’s that drift down the Rio Douro and enjoy a very unique way of the seeing Porto during the say, as well as night.

Porto is blessed with a distinctive history which can be explored in any one of the many museums, but to truly get a taste of the city and its compelling culture. There are few major cities which offer such a historic feel and presentation which is why Porto is certainly very unique and popular amongst holidaymakers.

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