Price’s are Literally Sky High

Sydney Rated Countries Worst Large Airport

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) has blasted Sydney Airport after it was revealed that they are charging the highest price average for flights per passenger. Sydney Airport has recently been voted the country’s worst large airport for a staggering fourth consecutive year!

While flights may be expensive the ACCC has discovered other areas of inflated prices around the airport, the car park in particular. Over the previous financial year the price for parking had rose from $28 right up to $50.

A report was carried out on this and it stated that, “car parking revenue was considerably above operating expenses over the whole reporting period.”

The ACCC chairman, Graeme Samuel, spoke of the report on Sydney Airport believing it “to be of great concern.” What appears to be most upsetting is that profits have been increased at the expense of the quality of service provided to customer. Perhaps the most amazing factor to the rise in profits is that the number of passengers has actually decreased. The prices per passengers are double that of the cheapest large airport charging $13.63 to Melbourne’s $7.96.

Since the report has been released Sydney Airports associates Macquarie Bank have condemned the reporting saying that it was ‘out of date’. They highlighted the $500 million investment that have occurred which renovated the international terminal providing it with new shops and waiting areas throughout.

Airline as a whole share the opinion that Sydney Airport needs a strong review as many are unhappy with the level that it is at despite being classed as an international airport.

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