Pride Escapes in South Africa

Rangers Hunt Loose Lions

The public of South Africa are on red alert as a pride of four lion’s have escaped their home in Kruger National Park in the Limpopo province. It appears that it wasn’t the rangers noticing the absence which sparked alarm, but more worryingly it was the fact they were first spotted walking freely around the nearby villages where locals were given quite the fright. The Provincial Environment and Tourism spokesperson for Limpopo, Joshua Kwapa, explained that three adults and a cub were first spotted a week ago, he added that the lions could have also came from a private reserve as well as Kruger National Park.

With the safety of the South African people the main priority local rangers have been appropriately armed and sent out to search for the lions 24 hours a day, with Mr. Kwapa stating that “We are hot on their trail but so far have failed to capture them.” Mr. Kwapa also went on to mention that the lions were last seen in a village near Giyane in Limpopo, which is just outside the Kruger National Park strongly suggesting where they have escaped from.

The spokesperson for Kruger National Park, Laura Mokwebo, said that rangers have also begun checking the perimeter fences for holes and gaps that would explain the lion’s origin and how they escaped. The park itself covers 7,000 square miles and is home to the hundreds of species of mammals and birds, as well as been home to South Africa’s ‘Big Five’ game spots.

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