Prince William Brings in Millions

Will’s Big Day Set to Pay

For all those concerned with the Royal family and Kate Middleton and her marriage to Prince William, the wedding day will be a joyful occasion where two holy unions are united. However, there will be many people looking on with wide eyes as the figures projected for the expected increase of tourism are huge.

There is a whole merchandise mission underway that will create various collectables in memory of the Royal wedding. These items will alone generate a lot of money as many people, not just in the UK, will be keen on purchasing a mug or a plate among other things, so the demand is naturally going to be high.

The monarchy currently aids tourism hugely drawing in millions of pounds into UK each year. With the wedding set for 2011 experts believe there could be a further £500m injected into the economy via overseas interest.

There is set to be a national holiday made in honour of Prince William and Kat Middleton’s wedding, which would of course be ideal for those wishing to watch the event either on TV or close to where the ceremony is set to be held.

2012 is the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee which is another date that will attract hoards of tourism to the UK. The international appeal of the Royal family is something which UK tourism relies on and the next few years will experience a large boost. London hotels will be licking their lips at the prospect of not having an empty room as people flock to Buckingham Palace and the likes.

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