Racing Red in Abu Dhabi – A Look at Ferrari World

It is the largest indoor amusement park in the world, covering an impressive 2,152,782 square feet, and has been held up as a symbol that Abu Dhabi is well and truly open for the tourist trade.

The moment visitors catch a glimpse of its iconic roof by Benoy Architects – modeled on the side panel of a Ferrari GT –  they know that they are in for a holiday experience like no other. Ferrari World is a taste of heaven for fans of sports cars, and those who enjoy a spectacle of any kind.

Once inside, visitors have the chance to disport themselves on 20 attractions. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer…

Bella Italia. “Beautiful Italy” in English, this exhibit displays the best of Ferrari’s Italian homeland, with recreations of cities, famous buildings and racetracks. Visitors can either stroll through its walkways, or see it in style, driving a Ferrari 250 California Spyder.

Carousel. As the name suggests, this is Ferrari World’s take on the traditional fairground carousel – but instead of riding wooden horses, visitors can take their pick on some of Ferrari’s most incredible prototype vehicles.

Cinema Maranello. Take a seat in Ferrari World’s own cinema, named after the company’s home town, and let it whisk you back to the 1920s and the beginning of Ferrari’s ascent to world-class carmaker status.

Driving with Champions. This interactive 3-D show takes the visitor through the life of a Ferrari engineer, and shows how much skill goes into the famous range of cars.

Fiorano GT Challenge. Made by German engineers Maurer Söhne, this dual launched roller coaster is a thrill and-a-half, but not even the greatest ride to be found at Ferrari World! That honour goes to…

Formula Rossa. This attraction currently boasts the title of the world’s fastest roller coaster, with a top speed of 149 mph. It was made and installed by Swiss roller coaster specialists Intamin.

Galleria Ferrari. This is the largest gallery of Ferrari vehicles outside Maranello itself.

G-Force. Fancy seeing Ferrari World’s incredible roof from above? Then let this spaceshot tower launch you some 203 feet up into the air and outside the building itself!

Junior Grand Prix. Let the kids loose on these mini-sized Ferrari F1 racers at the theme park’s very own racing school.

Junior GT. The street driver’s version of the Junior Grand Prix. Visitors get their very own ‘driving lesson’ before being let loose on a street network in a pint-sized F430 GT Spider.

Junior Training Camp. Ferrari World even has something for the smallest visitor. This soft play area for very young children features a paddling pool with miniature Ferraris and a foam rubber F1 racer.

Made in Maranello. Take a virtual tour around Ferrari’s iconic Maranello factory and see close up how Ferrari GTs are designed, manufactured and tested.

Paddock. Join the team at the European F1 races in this pitch-perfect simulation of Team Ferrari’s pit.

The Pit Wall. In this interactive theatre, visitors can make the driver’s second-by-second decisions in an F1 race.

Racing Legends. This exhibition takes the viewer through all the historical highlights of Ferrari racing.

Scuderia Challenge. These high-tech racing simulators allow the visitor to experience Ferrari F1 first-hand, using genuine steering wheels and seats from the cars themselves.

Speed of Magic. Enter the realms of pure fantasy in this “4-D” exhibit which tracks the escapades of a boy exploring a mysterious world “where no Ferrari has gone before.”

V12. This flume ride takes the visitor through a giant Ferrari 599 engine.

Viaggio in Italia. Take a virtual aerial voyage over Ferrari’s homeland of Italy.

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