Red Sea’s Beauty Blackened

Oil Leak Off Coast of Hurghada

The Egyptian nation has various oil rigs located throughout the Red Sea and one close to the coast of the popular holiday destination Hurghada has experience a leak. This leak from one of the several is said to be limited according to comments made by government officials. Magdy Rady, a government spokesman, explained that the amount of oil which was leaked from the oil rig is currently unknown whilst speaking to the Middle East News Agency.

This oil spill comes as currently English oil company BP is suffering as a result a much larger spill which is spewing crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. An explosion occurred on the drilling rig Deepwater Horizon as a result of a damaged wellhead. 11 were killed in the explosion and wildlife within the Gulf area has been killed in large numbers also. The effects occurring in the Gulf of Mexico are much worse than what has happened in the Red Sea, but it poses a warning to the potential damage that could be caused.

The leak occurred at the Jebel a-Zayt platform which is located just north of Hurghada, and it has polluted around 100 miles of what was a beautiful coastline. Holidaymakers could find themselves disappointed if they look out of their balconies in the morning expecting to see picturesque blue lagoons, but instead get an awful stretch of black gunk. The Egyptian government tried to keep a lid on things trying not scare away tourists, however, now it is out in the open it remains to be seen what the effects on tourism is.

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