Responsible Pricing for World Cup Visitors

The 2010 world cup will bring thousands of tourists to South Africa requiring accommodation, food and drink. The Cape Town tourism board has formulated a ‘code of responsible pricing’ to combat the international perception of South Africa being a highly expensive destination. The tourism board hope that by outlining a ‘fair pricing’ scheme, Cape Town and South Africa in general will gain popularity through hosting the football tournament. The code itself highlights four areas which will be addressed. Firstly is the concept of ‘fair value’ which provides fair and reasonable rates for the World Cup which is linked to current seasonal rates. The next factor is ‘responsible tourism’ which highlights Cape Town’s growing commitment to become a destination that values and promotes its position regarding people, the planet and giving profit back to the community. The code also focuses on ‘sustainable tourism’ to ensure that after the World Cup has finished, Cape Town will leave a legacy of being a value for money destination. Finally the code appeals to the tourism sector to refrain from adding extra costs and fees to holiday packages without customer knowledge, promoting the concept of ‘consumer protection’.
A spokesperson for the Cape Town tourism board states that, ‘the code is an important charter and the industry is eager to ensure that Cape Town’s good reputation is not spoiled by greedy individuals out to capitalize on a few weeks at the expense of a responsible sector that has worked incredibly hard to put destination Cape Town on the top of every travellers wish list’.
Hopefully this responsible pricing code will allow Cape Town to develop as a tourist destination, hosting the World Cup is a great incentive to travel to the area however it is the experience that tourists have that will bring them back to South Africa.

Author: Craig Holloway
Date: 17/02/2010

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