Resurrecting the Gulf

New $500 Million Initiative to Save Ailing Tourism Industry
The devastating oil spill in the US Gulf states has led to a brand new $500 million marketing initiative to promote tourism in the area. The spill is the worst in US history and continues to destroy the highly lucrative industry that many residents of the Gulf States rely on. Tourism executives have proposed that the $500 million price tag is a reasonable price to pay to ensure that the region escapes economic upheaval due to the dependency on tourism.
Visitors to the Gulf States spend around $94 billion a year before the oil spill took over the area with over 310,000 jobs connected to the tourism industry. The president of the New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau states that “The impact that you could have would be such that you would save the jobs and lives of tens of thousands of people who are absolutely, unequivocally going to lose them over the next year,”
As the oil continues to spill into the ocean, travellers are understandably wary about visiting this once popular region due to the amount of sludge that is collecting on the once pristine beaches. However, tourism officials are keen to let potential visitors know that not all of the beaches in the Gulf area are covered in the black sludge and that many still offer a fantastic holiday experience. Over half of the travellers booked to travel to the Gulf have cancelled their trips so far, with the possibility of the oil continuing to leak for a significant amount of time; this is a worrying statistic for tourism executives and those that are dependant on this valuable industry.

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