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In a new campaign to increase tourism to Australia, Australian celebrities will be asked to tweet ‘for the nation’ and lure more tourists Down Under. The new campaign will focus on Australia’s clear skies, stunning landscapes and personality; tourism boss Andrew McEvoy will start work next week on the $180 million advertising campaign that aims to boost the dwindling visitor numbers.
The campaign will not rely solely on television adverts, instead introducing a cutting edge media strategy run on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. McEvoy states that ‘the most powerful form of media marketing has always been word of mouth and I think the digital world of social media gives you the most powerful word of mouth in existence’.
Australian tourism has taken a dip in the last few years, with a number of factors contributing to the decline. Many hotels and tourist hotspots were in need of a revamp and the previous campaign relied heavily on humour which eventually fell flat.
The introduction of famous faces will hopefully provide Australia with the tourism boosts that it needs. Mr McEvoy lists Cate Blanchett, Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman as just some of the celebrity names that could play a role in the online campaigns.
The adverts will focus on the warm welcome Australia gives its visitors along with the unique atmosphere that makes the country so different to the rest of the world. Around 5.5 million visitors arrived in the past year; the new campaign hopes to significantly increase this number.

Author: Archie Arch
Date: 19/01/10

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