Road Cuts Trap Travellers

Heavy Rain In William Creek

The small town of William Creek is located very much out of the way in the Australian outback where travellers have now found themselves trapped as a result of heavy rainfall. Around 80 tourists made their way to William Creek to witness the bronco branding competition held there on Saturday, but a large downpour has affected the roads out of the town leaving them stranded. However, this is good news for William Creeks one and only hotel.

Many tourists have been forced to alter their plans as the delays could last a day or two. The estimated time that it will take the roads to clear up is dependent on no more rainfall coming. The owner of William Creek’s hotel, Ms Ward, said that she will provide food and water to the unfortunate travellers who have become stuck. Ms Ward also commented on the mood of the tourists, believing that most of them have been happy enough to wait things out and have instead treat the flooding as part of their experience.

The fact that William Creek is such a dry area makes the heavy rain all the more surprising, even to locals in the area. It appears that tourists will have enjoyed a lot more of the small town than they had bargained for and for a short time the general population would have doubled if only for a few days. Those looking to return to see the bronco branding competition next year might think on and bring a few supplies just in case.

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