Royal Wedding Fears

Tourists to Wait and See

As the Royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton was announced, it came as great news for the public and for those in the travel sector who anticipate a tourism boom. Many are expecting an influx of tourism to flood the shores of the UK on the back of the Royal wedding in 2011, with figures like £500 million been mooted. Now a new issue has arisen as travel agents fear people will be postponing their own holiday plans abroad to wait and see what the dates are for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding.

The travel industry looks ahead to this potential stumbling block after suffering a torrid 2010 for a variety of reasons. Mainly cabin crew strikes and pesky volcanic ash clouds have been causing headaches for travel companies as well as passengers. Perhaps the most similar connection to lack of bookings can be seen over the Summer of 2010, when holidaymakers were waiting for England’s exit from the World Cup before heading away.

After a dreadful year, the travel industry as a whole will be hoping things to pick up in 2011, although now it seems that a summer Royal wedding could have many sitting tight. With the dates set to be announced well in advance, people will be able to at least book around the event. For this reason, holidays earlier or later in the year might receive a boost.

Despite an expected delay in bookings and summer interest, many feel that after the problems encountered during last summer most of the holidaying public will aim to get it right next year.

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