Royal Arrival Will Boost Falklands Tourism

The arrival of Prince William to the Falkland Islands will “boost the profile of the destination” according to Paul Trowell, general manager of the archipelago’s promotional agency. The Falkland Islands Tourist Board described that the global publicity for the destination and the immediate surge in interest created by the news as ‘really exciting’.

The board has experienced a 200 per cent increase in visitors to their website, with Trowell commenting “The royal news has created global publicity for the Falklands and it’s really exciting that we are seeing an immediate uplift in interest in the destination, with people heading to our website to find out what there is to see and do here.

“We expect the Duke’s visit to boost the profile of the destination and we anticipate a rise in visitor arrivals from the UK off the back of his visit announcement.

Prince William will arrive at the islands a month before the 30th Anniversary of the Falklands War on 2nd April, a conflict of sovereignty between Argentina and the United Kingdom.

The Falklands comprise two main islands and hundreds of smaller surrounding islands, off the east coast of South America. A British overseas territory, many tourists visit the islands to experience the diverse wildlife and relaxed lifestyle.

With penguins, hawks, falcons, porpoises, dolphins and even the rare whale sighting, the Falkland Islands gives visitors a breathtaking look at the diversity of the planet’s flora and fauna whilst its status as a British overseas territory makes it easy for UK residents to travel there, spend sterling-pegged currency and speak good old fashioned English.

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