School’s Back for Summer

Government Plans to Cut School Holidays Set To Effect Holidaymakers

One of the busiest periods on the holiday calendar is under threat as the government releases plans to cut the traditional long summer, school holiday. The government’s advisor on poverty has proposed that the current school holiday timetable causes “damage to those who are already disadvantaged”. Instead of the long 6-8 week period the government is proposing that the school year is split into four or five shorter terms with short breaks in between them. The long summer holiday has always drawn criticism from consumer groups and even parents who believe that children from a poorer background fall further behind their fellow classmates during the time away from school. The current holiday situation is also said to have a negative effect on working parents with many already finding it difficult to find appropriate childcare.

Although there are plenty of supporters of the government’s plans, many people are already seeing the downside of removing the extended holiday break. For families relying on the summer break as their chance to get away on holiday the news will come as a blow. With competition already high to book the best deals and offers available during the already pricy summer period, holidaymakers will now be faced with an even smaller window of time if the government’s proposal is turned into a reality. Industry experts are already predicting that although the intense demand for the traditional school holiday months may slow down, the overall demand for the shorter break periods will ensure that holiday companies will be working overtime.

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