Scottish Travel Company Goes Bust

Thousands of Travellers Left Stranded
Thousands of holidaymakers were faced with a holiday hell over the weekend after the popular travel company Goldtrail went into administration. Those already abroad were faced with demands to pay for their holidays gain after the company failed to pass on the holiday cash to hotels around the world. The company, who specialise in trips to Greece and Turkey, are responsible for leaving thousands more travellers stranded who were supposed to be travelling out this week.
The collapse has affected around 50,000 people who have paid to fly out with the company, industry experts have revealed that there had been long running concerns regarding Goldtrail culminating in these weekends’ revelations. The Civil Aviation Authority will ensure that those passengers due to return this weekend are flown home, however those yet to fly out are being forced to pay for new holidays or simply stay at home. The majority of customers have been able to find flights through other travel companies, a spokesman for Glasgow Airport has stated that “Turkey is very well served from Scotland and there are lots of holiday companies that can step in.”
Those who have booked a holiday through Goldtrail through an Abta registered travel agent should be able to get a full refund. The majority of other agencies have stopped recommending the Scottish company’s holidays with travel sites declaring their breaks to be ‘holidays from hell’. Travellers are being advised to contact their travel agents as soon as possible if planning to travel with Goldtrail.

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