Sharm Shark Attack

Water Excursions Cancelled

The recent shark attacks on tourists who have been enjoying the warm shores of Sharm el Sheikh have caused a closure of various water sports in the Red Sea as well as surrounding beaches. Attempts to rid the waters of the invading sharks seemed to be a success after two were captured only a few days ago, but another attack has raised alarm bells once more.

Winter tends to be a popular time for tourists to enjoy a holiday to Sharm el Sheikh as the weather remains very hot, but those expected to make the journey soon are having second thoughts. The travel association ABTA say that they have received phone calls and emails from concerned tourists heading to various coastal Egyptian resorts.

The UK’s Foreign Office has amended information regarding the Red Sea as a result of closer of beaches and operators putting a stop to water based excursions.

Earlier this month two holidaymakers were victim to an attack by sharks after a boat dumped a number of dead animals into the sea, which initially attracted the deadly predators. Various hunters are now on the lookout for more sharks in the area in an attempt to make the shores safe once again.

Officials from resorts, such as Sharm el Sheikh, are indicating such events are extremely rare. Sharks tend not to come so close to shore and have only done so because of the scent of meat from the animals which were dumped in the Red Sea.

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