Shopaholic’s Guide to the World

Prove anyone who says shopping isn’t a valid sightseeing experience completely wrong with these far-flung places for a spree.

Supersize Mall – Dubai

The land that brought us 7-star hotels doesn’t disappoint when it comes to shopping. Dubai Mall is a beast of a shopping centre likely to convert even those who hate shopping. If you’re not tempted by its 1000+ shops, you can avoid them completely at the numerous other attractions. Hide out at the suspended aquarium, ice rink, cinemas, or the observation level of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest (for now!) tower.

Shopping on Water – Indonesia

Can’t decide between shopping and a scenic boat ride when on holiday? No Problem. Do both at Muara Kuin floating market where the food and drink stalls and the customers drift past each other on traditional boats, see why their Lake Geneva boat service is second to none.

Sugar Rush – USA

New York sweet shop Dylan’s Candy Bar looks as if Oompa Loompas may well be lurking behind the counter. At ground level the bar offers should-be-sickly delights like ice-cream cakes and chocolate fondue. Down the stairs (which are made of jellybeans!) the basement shop hosts every flavour and colour of confectionary imaginable.

Haggling like a Local – Morocco

In Marrakech the labyrinth of markets (or souks) branching off Djem el Fnaa square is home to lots of leather, stacks of spices, and hardnosed haggling. It’s all part of the ritual and our riad owner advised traders usually start you at 3 or 4 times their real price. Do play along with a smile; don’t plan to come back to a particular stall as you’re bound to get lost!

Labels for Less – Belgium

A world away from the frantic pace of Moroccan markets, Maasmechelen Village is a chic shopping haven an hour outside of Brussels. Big brand outlet shops are housed in a pretty faux village setting, allowing savvy shoppers to bargain-hunt in peace.

The Ultimate Shopping List – Japan

Tokyo chain of shops RanKing RanQueen has a unique concept. They only stock the top selling items of the month taken from department store research. Ranging from cosmetics to chocolate bars or gadgets – if it’s popular in Tokyo, it’s in here… but only until the next flavour of the month knocks it off the charts.


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