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Going Underground?

What connects the London Underground, the Paris Metro and the New York subway? No guesses? It’s the travel smart card! This genius new invention allows travellers to the three versions of transport in each of the previously named cities via one card, which eliminates the chore of having to queue for your ticket. This new travel card appears to be a superior update for the ‘Oyster’ issues in the UK. The smart card will also be able to be used on the London bus network by 2012.

As the world looks to unite it appears the travel sector is the first to commit. Countries such as the USA as well as Australia and others in Europe are keen on synchronising tickets. This concept will make travel that much easier, though early thoughts expect it to only benefit those on business. Of course those regularly trekking from city to city will benefit the most, but the ability to travel publicly in various cities will encourage people to travel more.

Over 7 million people signed up to the Oyster card scheme, numbers which have encouraged those who are looking to take the idea to a global scale.

Asia is an area of the world which has successfully adopted contactless card payment and people are able to travel swiftly and efficiently. London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson, has welcomed the idea with open arm. This is a great example of how technology can be used to make lives easier at no extra cost, definitely one to look out for!

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