Snow Forecast Proves Correct As Britain Hit By More Arctic Conditions

Airports on Standby for More Travel Delays

Map of the Uk showing areas affected by severe weather

Met Office Weather Warnings

Britain is bracing itself for another onslaught of Arctic conditions as another wave of snow and ice is set to hit the country over the next few days. Snow has already started falling this morning with airports, rail companies and breakdown services already on standby. Temperatures plummeted overnight especially in Scotland and along the western coasts, ice and snow showers were reported across the country with many experts predicting that the country will be covered in snow by the end of the week. Those planning on travelling over the next few days are advised to keep a close eye on any weather updates; the Met Office has already issued a severe weather warning across the North East, North West and Scotland.

After the disruption caused earlier in the month by the Arctic weather conditions, airports across the country are bracing themselves for more delays and cancellations. Gatwick airport has announced that they have crews of 80 airport staff and 60 contract staff on call ready to deal with any ice or snow on the runways. The airport was forced to close in early December due to the snow therefore it is attempting to avoid the same chaos. Glasgow airport has announced that it is on alert for any snow over the weekend and is also assuring passengers that they have snow teams on standby 24 hours a day.
Keep checking back for the latest news on the current weather conditions including any updates on airport closures across the country.

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