Snow It Begins

Severe Conditions Close Airports

The winter season is certainly upon us and the snow hasn’t waited very long to join in the fun. The early snowfall has affected the northern regions of the UK mostly so far and it looks like there is still plenty to come. If you were looking to flee to warmer shores anytime soon, then you may find that your plans are somewhat halted.

Heavy snow has already forced the closure of Edinburgh and Derry Airport ahead of a week where conditions are expected to get no better and simply become much more hazardous.

Football matches in the North have suffered plenty of postponements over the weekend, but unfortunately flights aren’t as easy to reschedule. This means there are bound to be a few more unhappy customers and a lot more refunds.

As the north of the UK has endured the brunt of it so far, the coming week forecasts say that much of the bad weather will come down the east of the country. This could cause issues for the likes of Newcastle Airport. Other major airports in Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham look as though they will be problem free for this week at least, but with winter far from over there could still be plenty of headaches ahead.

If you are making your way to an airport this week in an area which has been affected by heavy snow, then make sure that you set off an extra hour early to make sure that you aren’t any later than you have to be!

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