Snow Problem

Over the weekend the north of China received some moderate snowfall which resulted in over many flights set to leave Beijing Capital International Airport having to either be delayed or even cancelled.

Between the times of 8am on Saturday and 6am Sunday the city of Beijing had recorded an average snowfall of 1.8mm. The district of Shijingsham suffered the most as a result of the weather, recording 3.2mm of snow.

Saturday at Beijing Capital International Airport saw 64 flights delayed and 21 actually cancelled by 10am due to the condition while Sunday had over 80 flights being delayed or cancelled. We in the UK are certainly not the only one’s suffering as a result of winter season.

Many districts of Beijing were coated by the snow including Shandong, Tianjin, Heibei, Henan, Liaoning and Shanxi. North eastern areas Tianjin and Hebei endured 3.8mm of snowfall, the most of the area. Despite this downpour all the highways remained open but the Beijing Municipal Transport Committee stated that 13 buses to downtown had to be cancelled while several others needed to take detours.

Other areas also suffered as a result of the snow, but it was very light in comparison to what Beijing experienced. According to the Central Meteorological Observatory regions such as eastern Mongolia northern Xinjiang are examples of the other areas that had snow. They also predict that this turn of bad weather might not be over as more snowstorms are expected as well as low temperatures during the middle of February.

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