Some like it hot

Many holidaymakers spend their break wishing that they could be in their own bed, no matter how hot the sun is or how exciting the resort is, nothing beats the comfort of your own bedroom. A popular hotel chain is combating this by employing human bed warmers to help guests enjoy a good night’s sleep during their stay.
The employees are dressed in special all in one sleeper suits similar to an electric blanket; they are sent to warm the beds of guests staying at a Holiday Inn before they get under the covers. Dr Chris Idzikowski, the director of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre believes that this service could help hotel guests feel more at home and therefore enjoy a peaceful nights rest.
The science behind the ‘bed warmers’ is simple, scientific evidence shows that sleep begins at the start of the night as body temperature starts to drop. This decline in hear occurs partly because the blood vessels begins to open up and release heat. A warm bed speeds up this process, whereas a cold bed inhibits sleep. The Holiday Inn chain hopes that the introduction of bed warmers will allow guests to fall asleep quicker and enjoy the feeling of a toasty bed!
A spokesperson for the chain states that the service was like ‘having a giant hot water bottle in your bed’, ideal for the winter months! The five minute bed warming sessions are currently available in the London Holidays Inn’s however they will be tried out in Manchester later this month.

Author: Archie Arch
Date: 21/01/10

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