South Africa Tourism Still Rising

World Cup Ensures Visitors Still Flocking to South Africa
The world cup may be over but the benefits are still rolling in for the host nation, South Africa. A spokesman for the official South African Tourism Board has described the rise in tourist visitors as a direct result of the ‘unparalleled success of this year’s Fifa World Cup’. The sports event has played a vital part in raising the profile of the country and has improved infrastructure development, international perceptions of South Africa and national pride. With visitors numbers steadily increasing it seems that the tournament has opened up South Africa to a wide range of tourism opportunities.
In a statement released by the tourism board they praised the way that the event was promoted and handled by members of the tourism industry, describing the brand new reputation that the country has created. The statement also mentioned the attraction of South Africa to first time visitors stating
‘First-time visitors will continue to be keen to visit key tourism hubs such as Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, but improved road and rail infrastructure will, we hope, encourage people to travel out from these hubs and discover a little piece of the country that they can call their own.’
Hotel owners in South Africa have already revealed that their occupancy numbers are on the rise, with many hotels experiencing full occupancy over the past few summer months. South Africa has been internationally praised for its support of the football tournament which saw over 200,000 tourists arriving in the county to attend the games. Despite the home team’s failure to reach the first round, it seems that South Africa has won much more than a cup.

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