Space Tourism Setback

Landing Gear Causes Problems for Virgin Galactic
With the date of the first commercial space flight approaching, Virgin Galactic are pulling out all of the stops to ensure that the 300 passengers who have all paid £20,000 each for the trip will be able to experience this one in a lifetime opportunity. This morning however reports were stating that the space tourism jet is suffering from several setbacks as it landed after a test flight in the Mojave Desert. The left main landing gear collapsed as it made its descent after Thursday’s flight, luckily no causalities were reported. The Federal Aviation Administration sent two inspectors to the site to examine the four engine jet known as WhiteKnightTwo, which will serve as the mother ship to Virgin’s passenger enabled spaceship. A spokesperson for the FAA explained that “The left main landing gear is damaged, but we don’t yet know if that’s the extent of the damage,”
The problem occurred at around 11.15am and although it is a setback for Virgin Galactic, those on the scene are describing it as a ‘minor incident’. The WhiteKnightTwo was created to carry the passenger craft to a high altitude before releasing a rocket to propel the passengers for a journey into space. The test flights are expected to carry on through the next year before they are confirmed as being ready for passengers.
Space tourism is set to become the luxury travel option of the future with thousands of people already adding their names to the waiting list for the flights. Recently British comedian and actor Russell Brand was added to the passenger list after being bought a ticket as a present by his fiancé, American pop singer Katy Perry.

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