Spain’s Tourism Figures Increase

No Signs of Recession

Despite still being in a recession it seems that nobody is willing to trim their expenses by losing out on a relaxing summer holiday. When you think about it, a holiday to the summer shores of the Mediterranean is the most logical expenditure to cut in an attempt to balance your books, but been typically British we simply can’t go without. The proof that this is the case is shown in the recently released statistics of tourism in Spain which has rose 4.5% this July. This increase since last year is the biggest improvement in two years, thus showing signs that tourism, if not the world economy, is on the mend.

The main source of tourism comes from within Europe opposed to an increase of international tourists. July is said to have drawn in 7 million tourists with the majority coming from Germany, France and Britain, but Britain had 7 million tourists travel to Spain over the course of the whole summer. This will not come as too much of a surprise of course.

Despite been a nation that is still struggling overall to emerge from the recession for the last two years, Spain still ranks in the top three tourist’s destinations in the world. It seems that we Brit’s will never be able to wander far from the lure of sun kissed coasts of the islands and mainland Spain. This is something that the statistics always show. With the gradual improvements does seem that the Spanish economy is on the mend, most of which is down to its reliable intake of tourism.

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