Spain 2018 World Cup Bid

Tourism Overload for España

Despite a recent successful visit from FIFA officials it would appear that England’s strongest rival bidding to host the World Cup 2018 is going to be Spain, and they too fancy their chances of winning the vote. England’s success in club football is certainly evident as at least two teams from the domestic league have been regularly making the semi-finals and final stage of the UEFA Champions League, such was the case with UEFA Europa League last season also. The ace card in all of this is the dominance of the Spanish national team which are the current European and World champions. This of course shadows the aging achievements of footballs birth nation.

One thing England can offer is fantastic stadia, top security, plenty of accommodation and entertainment for tourists and the all round general good atmosphere which football can thrive in, unfortunately Spain can do just about the same but with great weather. One extra bonus to the Spain bid is that they will be once again joined by Portugal, this joint bid is surely going to enhance their chances. Inspections from FIFA started on Monday this week and I can just imagine that thought process which could determine where the world cup is held, “sunny weather, or crappy weather?” I can only see one outcome there, plus it is one that is difficult to argue.

I suppose the rest of the world can’t be too disappointed because we were more than likely to head to the shores of Spain and Portugal that summer anyway, the World Cup being there only sweetens the deal.

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