62mph tours – Spain’s Best Roller Coasters


If you’re looking for reasons to visit Spain, how about the thrill of a white knuckle ride? Read on to discover the best Roller Coasters on offer in Spain’s popular holiday resorts…

#1 Dragon Khan

The first of our top roller coasters in Spain will take you to Portaventura in Costa Dorada. Terrifying tourists since 1995, the Dragon Kahn once held the record for the most inversions (eight of them)!

  • Height: 148 ft
  • Speed: 65 mph
  • Length: 4,163 ft
  • Where to ride it: PortAventura, Salou

#2 Muntanya Russa

Tibidabo’s Muntanya Russa coaster was built in 2008 and features 2 trains whizzing round the track at speeds of up to 50mph, pulling a huge 3.5g on the bends.

#3 El Diablo

Built in 1995, El Diablo consists of over a thousand metres of twists and turns taking you to hell and back again!

#4 Magnus Colossus

You won’t be waiting long to ride Terra Mitica’s Magnus Colossus, capable of shifting 1,280 riders per hour round the track at speeds of up to 57.2 mph!

#5 Jaguar

Spain’s first inverted roller coaster and the most popular in Isla Magica – El Jaguar sends 20 riders round 102 seconds of thrilling twists and turns at 50 mph.

#6 Vagones Locos

Spanish for “Crazy Wagons”, this roller coaster built in 2007 sends 12 riders round 263 feet of pure adrenalin – (May not apply to riders over the age of eight!)

  • Height: 13 ft
  • Length: 263 ft
  • Where to ride it: Parque de Atracciones – Madrid

#7 Superman

We saved the best (and fastest – and tallest!) until last – Feel what it’s like to be the Man of Steel as you soar through the air on Spain’s first floorless roller coaster with 7 inversions including the Vertical Loop, Immelmann, Zero-G Roll, Cobra Roll and Interlocking Corkscrews!

  • Height: 164 ft
  • Speed: 62 mph
  • Where to ride it: Parque Warner Madrid – Madrid

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What’s your favourite roller coaster? Let us know – leave a comment.

Photo credit: Raphael Goetter

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