Spanish Strike Set to Cause Flight Chaos

Cancellations and Delays Facing Spanish Bound Tourists
Travellers are facing delays and even cancellations on their travel plans today as Spanish workers begin their much publicised 24 hour strike. Budget airline Ryanair has already announced that all domestic flights and most international flights to Spain have been cancelled; the flights that do operate will only allow passengers to carry one piece of hand luggage. A spokesperson for Ryanair has stated that it blames the ‘failure of the Spanish government to ensure the minimum service guarantees for non-Spanish airlines flights’. During the strike period it had been hoped that all flights would be able to operate on a hand-baggage only system however as many travellers will find today, this is not the case.
Some of the cancelled flight routes include services from East Midlands, Edinburgh, London Gatwick, Luton and Stansted to various Spanish destinations. Popular airline, Easyjet has also cancelled some of its flights and released a warning to all passengers travelling today due to the possible disruption of services ahead. Passengers are being offered the chance to change to an alternative flight within five days of travel. British Airways has also predicted delays and cancellations to its service, with Iberia stating that it expects 35% of its routes.
The Spanish workers strike is in protest against austerity cuts by the Spanish government; this is the first general strike since 2002 and highlights the bitter split in the relationship between the unions and Spain’s socialist government. The strike is due to protest wage cuts for civil servants and a freeze on most retirement pensions.

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