St Kitts Seeks More UK Visitors

The small Caribbean island of St Kitts is looking to attract more UK visitors to its shores now that British Airways has started twice-weekly flights to the destination from London Gatwick.

Since its independence in 1983, St Kitts has attracted mainly US visitors, but is now looking to cast its nets further afield to tap a wider market. Although only 68 square miles, the island has plenty to offer visitors looking for a beach holiday with the potential to explore cultural and natural wonders, as well as interact with the friendly locals.

Like its nearest neighbour Antigua, St Kitts provides the usual glistening white beaches on its Caribbean coast, but also boasts rich rainforests and cane fields inland, as well as Mount Liamuiga – at 4,000ft the highest point on the island. The weather remains at a steady 23-28 degrees centigrade all year round, providing a much-needed dose of warmth and sunshine for weary Brits.

One must-visit attraction on the island is the colonial Brimstone Hill Fortress, dating back to the 17th Century and now a World Heritage Site. Perched 800ft above the ocean, the fortress gives visitors a taste of the island’s less peaceful colonial past, when the battlements were necessary to fight off French attacks on the colony.

The beautiful countryside in the interior of the island allows for plenty of exploration, whether it be by bike, on foot, on horseback or by zip wire! Scuba diving is also a popular activity, with plenty of stunning reefs and dramatic wrecks dotted around the coast.

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