St Lucia Clean Up Operation

Tropical Storm Causes Chaos for Tourism Industry

After the devastation caused by tropical storm ‘Thomas’ at the weekend, tourism is not expected to be back to normal until this Saturday. Cruise ships will not be able to return to the island until this date and many hotels will stay closed until all damage is rectified. Thomas battered the island with heavy winds and rain that caused damage to the natural surroundings along with infrastructural damage to buildings and major roads. The St Lucia Tourism Board has revealed that all parts of the island were affected by the storm, with a temporary loss of utilities felt across the board.

St Lucia is one of the most popular Caribbean destinations and has seen its visitor numbers increase greatly over the past few years. The clear up operation is expected to continue up until Saturday morning to ensure that the island is back to its usual state before the first new batch of cruise ship passengers step off to explore the island. Although the island will be open again for tourists, many services will not be restored until the following week. Several of the islands larger hotels suffered landscaping damage and flooding of the ground floor apartments. A spokesman for the St Lucia Tourist Board has stated that “A comprehensive clean up exercise and restoration of critical infrastructure is underway and it is estimated that the country and its vital tourism industry will be back to normal by Friday, November 12, at which time the island will be in a position to welcome all visitors in its usual legendary fashion,”.

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