Strikes Leaves Fan’s Struck

BA Staff Set For Yet another Strikes

As if the ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano wasn’t enough to disrupt holidaymakers this year BA are staff are looking to embark on a 20 day strikes as a result of their latest offer over what is becoming a very drawn out dispute. The dates where walkouts will be staged are May 18th-22th, 24th-28th, May 30th-June 3rd as well as the 5th till the 9th. These five day strikes unfortunately for fans looking to head over to South Africa for the world cup will surely cause headaches as the last strikes comes only 2 days before the tournament begins.

BA bosses are hoping that not all cabin crew staff will unite and follow those who are dead set on standing their ground which will enable some flights, if not all, to go ahead.

Experts at say that “Regardless of the reasons behind these strikes, the people who are going to suffer most are BA’s customers.” The fact that thousands of families have booked their holidays probably just avoided the mayhem and havoc that the ash cloud had caused they would have thought no other disruptions could affect their flights.

BA have are looking to make sure that even if they do suffer as a result of these strikes that their customers are too badly effected as they are leasing with other airlines in order to lease extra seats from other airlines.

It appears that the cabin crew disputes at BA are set to rage on and as usual the consumers are getting the brunt of the issue.

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