Student Protests Take Over London

Clean Up Operation in Progress to Restore Popular City Destination

Around 30,000 students took over London in protest against rising tuition fees, the crowds lay siege to Parliament Square causing damage to some of the city’s most popular tourists attractions. The Cenotaph, The Treasury and even the Trafalgar Square Christmas tree were all victims of the systematic violence of property as students learnt of a majority vote to increase university fees up to £9,000. Even royalty did not escape the protesters as a car carrying Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall was attacked as it drove through the city centre. The actions of the police have been praised by government officials, Met Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson stated that “Whilst I’m sure the vast majority came here to want to protest peacefully, a significant number of people behaved very badly”. A mass cleanup operation is currently taking place within the capital city after yesterday’s demonstrations. Benches were burnt, windows were smashed and the famous statue of Winston Churchill was vandalised.

Thousands of students also protested across the country with demonstrations in Edinburgh, Newcastle, Swansea, Belfast and Brighton. Many protesters have condemned the actions of the ‘anarchists’ that turned the demonstrations towards the violence that occurred. London City officials are working hard to get the city back to its normal state in time for the weekend.

London is one of the world’s most popular city break destinations and with Christmas just around the corner tourism officials are wasting no time in restoring the city’s historic sites.

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