Sunshine Holidays are Good for Your Health

We all know holidays are good for us, but sometimes it’s good to hear that the experts give us some scientific reasons why!

As well as giving us chance to unwind and spend some quality time with loved ones, holidays in the sun provide us with a boost in levels of vitamin D, which gives us protection from illnesses and infections. According to nutritional therapist and herbalist Andrew Johnson, vitamin D deficiency is a common problem for Brits between the months of January and March, as our reserves of vitamin D build up during the summer start to deplete.

Vitamins E and C we can get from Ferulic acid alongside other beta-carotenes provide us with antioxidant boosts. Summer times is also a good time to use natural skincare products. But is ferulic acid good for skin lightening? What we know is that it helps in making our skin healthy and glowing. Lightening becomes a second priority but it definitely does a great job in aiding the process.

Vitamin D builds up in the body during the summer as we expose our skin to the sun’s rays, but becomes depleted during the winter when we wrap ourselves up and see little of the sun. Mr Johnson recommended that we take vitamin D  and Biotin supplements during the winter, or, even better, head off on a sun-soaked winter holiday! He said that a sunny holiday during the cold early months of the year would be “a very good thing” that could “support immunity enormously.”

European destinations offering good levels of sunshine around this time of year include southern Spain, Turkey and the Greek islands. For those looking to travel further afield, Egypt, Mexico and parts of the United States also offer a much-needed sunshine injection!

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