Surge in Last minute bookings over bank holiday

It was reported that the Brit’s were all staying at home over the bank holiday, however there was then a sudden surge in late bookings which meant 1.9 million Brit’s were heading abroad over the weekend.

Thanks to the uncertain British weather, people were booking up last minute holidays to many American destinations in the hope of getting some sunshine.

Orlando, New York and Los Angeles were the most popular areas in the USA, while Paris, Dublin and Amsterdam were the most popular destinations in Europe.

850,000 passengers flew from London airports, 420,000 of those flying from Heathrow. 143,000 passengers travelled from Manchester, 70,000 from Birmingham and 120,000 from the main Scottish airports.

British families prefer destinations with lots of sunshine, so the Balearic Islands, Greece, Spain and Turkey were all popular short-haul destinations over the weekend.

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