Swapping the Med for the Mett

Tourist Attentions Lured Elsewhere

As far as European travellers are concerned the popular summer destinations in the Mediterranean Sea such as Spain and Greece, have long appeased holidaymakers providing pristine beaches and lively resorts where all could come and enjoy a break. As time goes by more and more people are travelling and the aim is to explore new and exciting destinations. So as the ‘Med’ falls in popularity it’s the ‘Mett’ which has received much of the attention when it comes to summer holidays this year.

The ‘Mett’ is the new popular collection of destinations which holidaymakers have been choosing over the tried and tested destinations of the Mediterranean. The ‘Mett’ is an abbreviation of Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey. Turkey has become known as the best value holiday destination of Europe over the last few years offering up a whole host of beautiful and tourist friendly resorts along its south coast, an area which has become known as the ‘Turkish Riviera’ due to its natural beauty. The north of Africa has received plenty of attention because it offers fantastic weather all year long.

This year has seen a fall in bookings in various regions throughout the Mediterranean with one travel company reporting a 11% fall, whereas the ‘Mett’ has enjoyed a 23% increase. In the next few years this increase is set to continue as more and more travellers are showing interest towards the north of Africa and the change of culture it brings from the Mediterranean. Many see this change as more than temporary, believing that people may be heading to the north of Africa, and Turkey, for some time.

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