Swim with the dolphins in Sharm el Sheikh

With its many isolated reefs & extraordinary marine life, the diving area of Sharm El Sheikh makes it the premier dive site in Egypt. The diving area of Sharm el Sheikh covers over 40 nautical miles (about 75km) of open sea between Ras Muhammad and Hurghada.

Diving in Sharm el Sheikh excels at showing you sights like the startling variety and colour of the many reefs and also sea creatures such as sharks, sea turtles and dolphins. It should be noted that you also have the best chance to swim with the dolphins in the northern Red Sea area of Sharm el Sheikh.

But the best bits of diving in Sharm el Sheikh are the wreck dives, experience the past legacy of the maritime trade that flowed through the Red Sea area for millennia. The many ship wrecks, which litter the seabed across the entrance to the gulf of Suez, are surprisingly well preserved and easily accessible. The ships include many 19th-century mail steamers, modern cargo ships and historic spice traders.

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