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Trees, Toilets and Electric Tables: World’s Strangest Bars

The bar that claims to be the highest place to order a round of drinks in the world celebrated its first anniversary this week, causing us to consider some of the other odd watering-holes around the globe. The rooftop Ozone bar is located at Hong Kong’s Ritz-Carlton, some 490 metres above sea level. It is [...]

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Cookie Catwalk: Biscuit World Series Winners [SFW]

Whether they are cookies or biscuits to you (we’ll stick to biscuits here), these little baked treats inspire real passion and deep national pride. From the US staple Oreo to the UK’s beloved Hobnob, this list is a world series in the literal (non-American) sense, in that it actually spans the world. Which one takes [...]

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New 7 Wonders of Nature Revealed

The results of a public vote earlier this month have revealed the provisional winners of the New7Wonders of Nature campaign, led by the Zurich-based New Open World Corporation.

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