Tasmanian Devilled

Cruise Tourism in Decline

Tasmanians are all in a spin of late because of the recent decline of tourism to the country, and in particular cruise holiday sales have dropped significantly. The Tourism Minister of Tasmania has placed the blame on the current global financial crisis which has left the majority of the world on a tight budget. Some may of thought due to the recent ash cloud crisis that people would opt for cruises over air travel, but when it comes to Tasmania it appears that it seems to be a destination too far and perhaps too expensive.
The figures clearly show how damaging a decline cruise holidays are experiencing falling from 47 ships touring to just 35. This 20% drop is certainly cause for concern when it comes to tourism in Tasmania as the industry is very important to the islands economic infrastructure. The hope is that the drop is but a blip due to the current economic circumstances opposed to being because the destination has lost its popularity with holidaymakers.
Despite this said decline it is believed overall tourists are staying and spending more which is expected to inject around $1.5 billion (£85 billion), which should just about cover things. Tasmania is probably experiencing this drop in tourism because it is a popular place to visit, normally the more busy places suffer first if there is any sort of financial crisis. As a result of things it may be a good time to book a cruise to the shores of the Australian Island as cruise liners may be offering lower deals as a result of this predicament.

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