Thailand Travel Warning Lifted

Political Violence Set to End

The Foreign Office has lifted its warning against travelling to Thailand after the political violence finally eased this week. The anti-government protests had spread across Bangkok with pictures of the redshirt rallies being released across the world. Travellers already in the country were warned not to stray into the main central areas whereas those planning on arriving in Thailand were told to reconsider their plans until the violence has ceased.
This week Abhisit Vejjajiva, the prime minister of Thailand suggested that parliament could be dissolved in September with re-elections to be held in November. These plans are aimed at appeasing the red shirt protesters who until now have remained in the city centre.
As the threat of violence is still in the air, the Foreign Office has advised travellers that Wherever possible, you should take transport services which do not involve transiting areas of Bangkok where political protests are taking place,” it warns, adding that if violence breaks out near where you are staying you should stay indoors, monitor the media and regularly check the Foreign Office advice.
Tourism authorities have welcomed the move and are confident that business will return to normal very quickly. A spokesperson for travel association Abta has revealed that although travellers were warned against travelling to Thailand, there have not been any significant drops in bookings over the period. Industry experts are predicting that many companies will start to offer cut price flights to the country to encourage visitors to return to Thailand for their holidays.

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