The Apprentice Tourism Task Hits London

London Bus Task Boosts City Visitors
This week’s episode of the Apprentice showcased the massive impact that tourism has on the city of London. In a tourism themed episode Lord Sugar send out his wannabe apprentices out into the heart of the city to entice visitors onboard their themed tour buses. London is renowned for its open bus tours therefore the candidates were hard pressed to find a niche market to bring customers on board. One team opted for a classic ‘Cockney’ tour around the east end, celebrating Pearly Kings, jellied eels and culminating in an old fashioned Cockney sing-along. The other team found themselves on a slightly different path, opting for a ‘Ghouls and Ghosts’ tour around some of London’s best loved spooky attractions. In classic Apprentice fashion the task led to dirty tactics, questionable motives and plenty of cringe worthy moments as the candidates fought to fill their bus seats.

With millions of tourists arriving in the capital each year the competition between the tour companies is huge, with hundreds of different themed excursions to choose from. The show managed to capture some of the best loved monuments and has hopefully encouraged tourists to head to the capital and experience it for themselves. The show may have ended with ‘You’re Fired!’ but it seems that as far as tourism goes, London is well and truly hired.

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