The Colosseum for Night Owls

For 7 Nights Only

The colossal Colosseum is one of Rome’s most iconic structure and one which alone is the reason why many tourists come to visit the eternal city. Though, it would seem that its attraction in terms of tourism just isn’t enough for the Colosseum’s officials. Since last Saturday (06/08/2010) the structure has been opened to the public during the night, from 9 pm till 12 midnight. This will continue for a further 6 Saturdays.

This late night opening gives people a unique chance to talk a walk through the ancient walls and corridors before stepping into the grand arena which will then be lit up by the magic of moonlight. This limited opportunity is likely to create plenty of interest with locals, but there is also a strong chance that tourists will come flocking in for weekend breaks to enjoy this unique experience. Usually the Colosseum is open during the daytime but this method is proving successful and popular as night time visits occurred at point during the summer 2009 too.

It appears a whole new market has been discovered for tourism in Rome because various other attractions are also welcoming the idea of night tours, including the Baths of Caracalla. The city of Rome has the name ‘eternal’ for many reasons and similar to New York it is one which never sleeps, this makes it easy to understand the appeal of late night visits to tourists attractions because there are people about to enjoy it. Perhaps now is the time to strike while the opportunity is available is you were considering a trip visit the ancient side of Rome.

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