The Colosseum Unlocked

Step Back In Time To Ancient Rome

One of the world’s most famous tourist landmarks is allowing visitors to delve deeper into history of ancient Rome. For many years visitors arriving at the Colosseum have been able to view the huge arena from a spectator position, putting themselves in the shows of the witnesses to ancient Rome’s bloodiest sport. Many parts of the Colosseum have been closed off the public, specifically the areas where the gladiators themselves waited before fighting.  However after a multi million restoration project both the subterranean and third floor levels have been officially opened to the public. The actual arena has also been opened, allowing visitors to experience walking in the footsteps of the ancient gladiators. Due to the delicacy of the structure, the only way to currently explore these reopened areas is by joining one of the official Colosseum tours. Trained guides will escort tour groups around the lower chambers, following the actual path that the gladiators would have taken before entering the arena.

Rome is already one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, offering visitors an insight into the history and culture of one of the most exciting periods in history. The opening of more of the Colosseum’s many chambers is guaranteed to entice more people to the city. Currently the tours are available until the 30th November with a strong possibility of this time frame being extended. The tour costs €8 on top of the €12 normal entrance fee into the Colosseum.

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